About the author

CR Burman has spent a good part of her life moving. Born in South Australia, she studied for her Arts degree in Canberra at the Australian National University, then lived and worked in Melbourne for many years, before moving her family to Switzerland in 1997. She came to England in 2004.

In Switzerland, she fell in love with the Alps (‘Mummy and her mountains’, her kids used to tease her) and now, having moved to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire in 2008, she feels the same way about our forests.

As well as spending as much time as possible writing, she is involved in many local activities which have taught her a lot about the Forest and its people, and introduced her to many new and good friends. However, to make sure she never gets stuck at home, her border collie Sammy (who has his own very popular book, Sammy's Walks), encourages her to go with him on long rambles through the woods, which isn't really a chore given where she lives.

About The Danae of the Forest

In late 2010, the UK Government decided it would sell off our public forests to raise some cash. Hundreds and thousands of people across the country told the Government they would do no such thing, and the forests were saved (for now). CR Burman was heavily involved in the local campaign, HOOF (Hands Off Our Forest), which became recognised across the country. After it was (mostly) over, she was wandering through the woods one day, when the plot line for The Danae of the Forest came to her. Sadly, it has become even more relevant since she started writing it, with its story of a people once forced from their homes to find refuge in a new land, and now having to face that fear once more.

A long term Forest resident who read the first draft of The Danae assumed it was an allegory, and perhaps he was right. There are many possible options for the role of the Madach. But the author insists it’s simply a fairytale, written to entertain and to be enjoyed by children of any age.

Book One, When The Madach Came, Book Two, Journey To The Sleih, and Book Three, The Fate Of The Danae are each available as an e-book and as a print book from Amazon.

To understand just how beautiful and inspiring our Forest is, visit Tina Dorner's site, http://tinadornerphotography.com/ and browse her wonderful photographs.